The Knitty Gritty

knitty grittyIMG_8673Shades from Urban Outfitters

This #NYFWM was all about indie love for us! We caught up with a few emerging talents amidst the menswear vets who run the game. Dockers sponsored a league of bright young designers with courageous points of view! We loved Ricardo Seco and Kenneth Ning. Leaving the Ricardo Seco presentation, we shot a quick post with our friend and favorite photgrapher, Purcell Nurse. The light in the nearby parking garage was good to us. Let’s be real, it was dark out and the shades were by no means for function but more like FUNction…lol.  

It’s sweater season!
Don’t sweat(ER) it:
We are big into sweaters! We probably acquire at least one new significant sweater (2 between the both of us) each winter Season which we think is an extremely important for those looking to build a healthy collection. It’s a cool see how your personal sweater style changes from year to year.



Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 9.03.13 PM

 Banana Republic Marled Turtle Neck *On SALE right now*


knitty gritty 2

Sweater: Gap Cable Knit Sweater in Moss *On SALE right now*

T-Shirt: LongFit H&M Heather Grey T-Shirt

Jacket: Heather Grey Overcoat from H&M

Pants: Wide Stripe Trousers From Zara *On SALE right now*

Socks: H&M Powder Blue Socks

Shoes: Puma







Sweater: Banana Republic Marled Turtle Neck *On SALE right now*

Jacket: Levi’s Cotton Poplin Jacket 

Pants: Camo Cargo from Zara *On SALE right now*

Socks: H&M Turquoise Blue Socks

Shoes: Dr. Martens Double Monk Strap Braider





 3 Tips for proper Sweater care and maintenance 

1. Cleaning
-Dry cleaning is always the best option but some sweaters, even the ones made of wool are hand-wash friendly.
-Pilling: you can painstakingly pick hundreds of lint balls from your sweater or invest in an electric pill shaver. You won’t need to shave your sweater often, probably once per winter
- If wash friendly, hand wash and lay flat to dry to avoid stretching 
2. Storage 
-Don’t hang them, fold and store.
-Cedar planks are a great alternative to smelly mothballs and do a great job at warding off hungry moths and silverfish.
3. Repair
-if you have been attacked by our white winged friend or their friends, silverfish; there is a solution! In NY, we have They are knit-gicains at alter knit and also generous priced!
Happy Valentine’s Day Sweat(ER) hearts!

Black Out




Black is usually a safe “go-to” for most people BUT not for us! All black is totes out-of-the-box for us! We usually wear tons of color and are in fact known for crazy color combos amongst our friends and family. This was a bit of a different shoot for us. I felt like we had to be serious, lol…maybe it was just in our minds. This is def a “I’m a New Yorker handling serious business” look and “I’m on a mission” look. Weigh in, did we handle business or nah?!?!
Life made easy!
3 Fun advantages to wearing All Black Everything (ABE)
1. It’s extremely SLIMMING.
Get ready for multiple people to ask, “Have you lost weight?” Be prepared for the reality of the scale when you get home. Don’t let ABE play with your emotions.
2. It’s EASY.
No brain cells required. No matching, coordinating necessary.
3. REPEAT friendly.
People never know if you are wearing the same ABE that you were wearing the day before…lol.
Wear it to the Max!
3 Tips for wearing All Black Everything (ABE)

1. MIX and Match blacks.
Growing up, it was near illegal to wear blacks that did not match (which btw is impossible if two separate items were not dyed in the same BLACK dye lot.) Today, those rules are out the door…today, there are no rules!
***DO mix black textures and charcoal gray to add dimension.
2. BLING, Bling.
Accent with either silver or gold jewelry!
3. Add a TWIST .
A pop-color shoe is always a nice twist.

image4 image5


Black to Grey! What do you think?

Frames: Mirror Tint Wayfarers



H&M Outerwear at unbelievable prices!

Glen’s long grey wool over coat was just $50 and Bruce’s Washed Black parka was a steal at $25


image2 Left: Puma GV Reflectives and Right: Zara 3 Strap Velcro Sneakers


image2Overcoat: H&M $50

Cropped Jacket: Levi’s $23

Long Tee: H&M $5

Black Denim: Zara $20

Bag: BruceGlen Loaded Tote



Until Next Time!