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We moseyed on up to the  Skylark for a quick shoot in our super comfy but super stylish Brooklyn Xpress sweats. The elevator ride’s red light provided a cool opportunity for a quick snap. The BK Xpress piece are full of contrast zippers and hidden pockets. They offer a wide range of street wear essentials. They make the most excellently constructed bombers, joggers and hoodies. We layered up a few items to create our usual quirk and texture play. 

Check the site to see all they have to offer!

DSC00863 DSC00866DSC00869 DSC00872 DSC00878 DSC00884


Dr. Martens Cherry Red Pascal Splatter Smooth


 Portrait with Marilyn Monroe


DSC00899 DSC00900DSC00903 DSC00905

Rocking my new Vans and TMNT Docs




Love the lighting in the Loading dock.  Toph, the photographer has such a good eye. Nothing we love more than comfort and color. These looks seem to perfectly compliment the shooting space.


YOCV 2017b4-logob5whit stars B6

 Wow! We are overwhelmed AND if you put your “antennas” up for just a second, you’d agree that we have good reason to be excited AND hopefully, you’d also be filled with joy!  There’s an excitement in the air, a stirring of God’s goodness for our lives! Whatever you’ve been asking for from God, whatever your dreams are, this is the year that it’s manifesting!

We are in the year 2017!
Biblically, 17 represents complete and total victory, a victory that manifests inspite of YOU, your sin or mistakes!
In the Bible, there were great turning points that happened on the 17th day of the month, or in the 17th year of waiting.
-Rain fall that destroyed the earth in Noah’s time began on the 17th day of the month
-When the flood waters diminished Noah’s Ark rested on Mount Ararat, it was the 17th day.
-God uses Moses to split The Red Sea and the people of Israel walk across on dry land.
-The Jericho wall falls with one shout on the 17th day of the month
-Jesus resurrects on the 17th day of the month
NOW, all that’s left is for  you believe God that your turning point has come in this the Year 17!

STARBANDbluebttm1STARBAND   For the first shoot of the new year, we were tapped by our designer buddy, Tom Powanda (@dapperpanda). We we’ve been acquainted with Tom since our days at Sean John.  Tom is now working with Brooklyn Express. The nearly 20 year old company is doing some new things and we are happy to be part! We shot a series of looks that day…this “Inverted Twin” look was our fav!  More to come in further post. Check them out at b3 JA DSC00937Our good friend, June Ambrose, surprised us during the shoot, warming us with her bright light in the frigid cold!

Ricardo Seco S/S 17 #NYFWM


Here are the looks from this cool “statement” collection!

IMG_0902 IMG_1019IMG_1020IMG_1021IMG_1022IMG_1023IMG_1024IMG_1025IMG_1026IMG_1027IMG_1028IMG_1029IMG_1030IMG_1031IMG_1032IMG_1034IMG_1035IMG_1036IMG_1037IMG_1038IMG_1039IMG_1040

Make the impossible, POSSIBLE!

IMG_1042IMG_1041IMG_1047 IMG_0346New Balance on the feet!


Ricardo Seco has quickly become one of our fashion week faves!  This is our second season attending a the Mexican designer’s presentation who happens to be the only Mexican designer featured for #nyfwm. Each time has been loads of fun. Last year, the presentation was held at The Skylight Clarkson. This year we tracked across town to the American Hotel with Slurpees in tow(It was hot)

The scene was fun…NYC rooftops are the perfect backdrop for any chic soirée. The only downside was that the pool was only for decoration. We ran into a few fashion friends, snapped a pic with Ricardo, caught up with some of the models we met last season and loved the collection. In each collection, Ricardo combines the richness of Mexican culture and tradition with its new contemporary sophistication.
Cumulatively, Ricardo has shown 10 seasons; his first being held on Feb. 16, 2012. In chronological order his entire collection includes: FLY, SHARE, ALIVE, POWER, FOREVER, DREAMS, REAL, LUCK, TIME and now for Spring/Summer 2017 - LIFE.
The collection featured a range of colors and textures including pastel pink, baby blue, lilac, flamingo feathers, print of whale shark skin, print of sand, grey and black. LIFE showcasd Spring/Summer 2017’s latest trends including oversized silhouettes, bomber jacket, moto-jackets, sequin, boxing shorts, relaxed pants, athletic inspired shorts, and sweatshirts. Seco describes the line as “street meets urban sophistication”.

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IMG_0334 IMG_0336 Details!!!

SSWGRAFITI-2     image2


image3   We wore TMNT Docs (Glen in the Donnie’s and Bruce in the Raf’s), White Destroyed Denim and Black Cropped Cargos both from ZARA.  ALL Top are from Urban Outfitters!


Wouldn’t be complete without a #selfie with the designer!