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We moseyed on up to the  Skylark for a quick shoot in our super comfy but super stylish Brooklyn Xpress sweats. The elevator ride’s red light provided a cool opportunity for a quick snap. The BK Xpress piece are full of contrast zippers and hidden pockets. They offer a wide range of street wear essentials. They make the most excellently constructed bombers, joggers and hoodies. We layered up a few items to create our usual quirk and texture play. 

Check the site to see all they have to offer!

DSC00863 DSC00866DSC00869 DSC00872 DSC00878 DSC00884


Dr. Martens Cherry Red Pascal Splatter Smooth


 Portrait with Marilyn Monroe


DSC00899 DSC00900DSC00903 DSC00905

Rocking my new Vans and TMNT Docs




Love the lighting in the Loading dock.  Toph, the photographer has such a good eye. Nothing we love more than comfort and color. These looks seem to perfectly compliment the shooting space.

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