Q + A

Q. Where are you from? 
A. (Bruce): We are from D.C.
A. (Glen): We grew up all over D.C. + Maryland areas. D.C. then to 
Maryland + then back to D.C again.


Q. How did you get your start in fashion?

A. (Bruce): It’s a crazy long story…
A. (Glen): We were forced to drop out of college in between our sophomore + junior year of college due to financial struggles x2! We got an amazingly unbelievable opportunity to intern for House of Dereon in it’s fetal stages.  Our career in the fashion industry blossomed from that point…a series of miracles, to say the least, landed us in positions we hadn’t earned but that God had equipped us for!  We were under-qualified + young but we were hungry + if you’re hungry, you’ll eat!

 Q. You guys seem to be teeming with life and passion, what fuels that? 
A. (Bruce): We are fueled by LOVE!
A. (Glen): Our lives changed when we met LOVE Himself, Jesus! We don’t think the same, act the same…nothing’s the same…lol. We have a purpose beyond making nice clothes + contributing to someone’s cool bag collection. It‘s all about spreading LOVE, His LOVE. I think that is what drives us.

 Q. Why BruceGlen and not GlenBruce? 
A. (Bruce): That’s pretty simple…sounds better…lol. Well, no…we took a survey + the public vote wins!
A. (Glen): No egos at BruceGlen!

 Q. What three things can’t you live without? 
A. (Bruce): My Amplified bible, a double-breasted blazer, + my blackberry.
A. (Glen): My bible, my Macbook pro + what I like to call “blazer pizzazz”.

 Q. What’s you favorite hobby? 
A. (Bruce): We love to entertain!
A. (Glen): My sister gives us great recipes for amazing hor d’oeuvres. We serve them at our open mic roof top parties. We aren’t “party people” but we love the company of great friends…that, with good food + you can’t loose!

 Q. You guys, as a team, have worked with celebrity brands Sean John, Trey’s Angels, Ecko Red and House of Dereon. Tell us one highlight of those experiences. 
A. (Bruce): House of Dereon was our very first job in fashion; an internship actually!
It was one of those internships that sort of pounds you into shape. We were so new to it all…to NY, the fashion world, + being around celebrities. We got to meet all the members of Destiny’s Child + sat front row at the farewell concert too! That was pretty cool freaking awesome! They were all such wonderful ladies and I love Tina Knowles, Bey’s mom. She instantly becomes everyone’s mom! She’s super supportive!
A. (Glen): We had a short sit down with Diddy + he gave us a few words of wisdom…He told his assistant, “Shut the door”, + then just schooled us for 30 min. I’ll always remember that! He’s a wonderful visionary + businessman!